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Yerba Prima Review

What You Should Know

Yerba Prima is a wellness company that claims it first introduced the concept of internal cleansing in the United States, featuring several products that claim to cleanse the body of toxins, chemical buildup, and residue in the liver and colon. Yerba Prima is based in the western United States and is comprised of several alternative health experts. Yerba Prima has been in business since 1980.

Their internal cleansing products, which first gained popularity when they opened up their business in 1980, are still popular today, and is the source of much of their success. Yerba Prima claims only to use natural, wholesome ingredients, such as ginger root, milk thistle, and Siberian ginseng extract. Although their products are intended to improve digestive health, Yerba Prima also promotes itself as an alternative diet product.


Many of their products contain milk thistle, dandelion root, ginseng extract, and ginger root.

Product Features

Yerba Prima promotes their internal cleansing products as an alternative method for losing weight. Many consumers have used Yerba Prima’s products as a method of losing weight, although results varied from person to person. Dissatisfaction with side effects, such as diarrhea and nausea, were typically reported.

Their ingredient formulations makes their claims more questionable. Milk Thistle, a main ingredient in their liver cleanse products, has protective effects on the liver but no reports indicate it can cleanse the liver from toxins. No ingredients are known to have this effect on the liver or colon. Additionally, ginseng extract and ginger root have no medically proven dietary benefits. These ingredients are not clinically known to affect the liver or colon. There is some evidence it may contain some properties which relax the body, but any dietary benefits cannot be located at this time. These ingredients contain plentiful nutritional benefits, however, which is key for maintaining a healthy diet.


  • Contains natural, herbal ingredients free of additives or chemicals.
  • Yerba Mate is considered the leader in cleansing and wellness products.


  • Users reported several side effects, including diarrhea and nausea.
  • None of its ingredients contain cleansing properties.
  • Many of its ingredients do not provide proven metabolic or dietary benefits.


Yerba Prima is the leader in wellness and cleansing products, but several issues with its products may make it less appealing to consumers. Reports of adverse reactions from dieters, a lack of evidence backing up their claims, and inclusions of several ingredients which may not help dieters lose weight are all huge concerns that need to be addressed. Yerba Prima may not meet the needs of all dieters. An adherence to organic, natural supplement creation is ideal for dieters who want to utilize natural supplements, however.

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