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Wholebiotics Review

What You Should Know

In recent years, the support for probiotics can followed quite the roller coaster. There was an immediately rise in the promotion of probiotics and similar ingredients with commercials on television and doctorís consistently talking about the health benefits of probiotics. This soon fell to the way side with probiotic supplements and products melding into everyday life. The Wholebiotics product line brings new life back to the power and support provided by probiotics.

The Wholebiotics supplement is available on the official website for $5.99 for a trial supply and $69.99 for a complete supply. There is a return policy listed on the website offering 100% money back if the product is returned within 14 days. Unfortunately, we could find no way to order the product through the website, despite this assurance.

List of Ingredients

Lactobacillus acidophilus 1.25 billion, Lactobacillus rhamnosus 1 billion, Bifidobacterium lactis 750 million, Lactobacillus casei 500 million, Bifidobacterium breve 500 million, Bifidobacterium longum 500 million, Bifidobacterium bifidum 250 million, Streptococcus thermophilus 250 million, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) 220 mg, rice flour and vegetable cellulose.

Product Features

Active ingredients are the source of the power of probiotics. The ingredients listed are mostly like cultures that are a healthy part of the human intestinal system. With every day life, the use of antibiotics and other environmental stressors, the body loses the stores needed to support good digestion and gastrointestinal function. The Wholebiotics supplement aims to reintroduce these active cultures thus returning the intestinal health to the optimal state.

There is no doubt that these ingredients support good intestinal health, but does that health increase fat burning ability or cause the user to lose more weight? There is no support for the use of probiotics in weight loss at this time.


  • The official website offers great information on probiotics.
  • The supplement is offered with a free trial.
  • The return policy allows for a product refund.
  • Wholebiotics contain ingredients that support gastrointestinal health.


  • Probiotics, like Wholebiotics, are not supported for weight loss.
  • The $69.99 price tag may be too much for many dieters.
  • Increased fat burn and appetite suppression will not be a result of using this supplement.
  • Trial supply must be returned within 14 days for a refund.


The use of probiotics like Wholebiotics is a good choice for overall health, but no for weight loss. The better digestive health may, however, improve the absorption of other diet supplements with proven fat burners and appetite suppressants making these products work better. The fact that the website for Wholebiotics claims to offer the sale of the product and a return policy, but lack an ordering page is a bit of a concern. The copyright of the website says 2008, could the company be out of business?

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