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Vacustep Review

What You Should Know

Vacustep is an elliptical device that combines a vacuum device with a traditional elliptical trainer, claiming to dramatically boost the effects of lower body strength training by eliminating cellulite, smoothing the legs, and reducing inches from problem areas due to the strong suctioning effect from the vacuum device. It has been featured on TV as a revolutionary device, including Fox News 25.

The sheer cost and weight of the device makes it an unlikely candidate for home use; however, it is starting to be implemented in gyms and fitness centers in Canada and the United States. Vacustep’s manufacturers also encourage using the device five times a week (split into 20 minute sessions) for the best results. They claim this maximizes the fat burning potential of the device. Both men and women are welcome to try the device, although it is mainly marketed towards women.

List of Ingredients

It does not contain any ingredients applicable to the review.

Product Features

Vacustep utilizes a vacuum-like device in their device, which suctions around a person’s hips during exercise. The elliptical trainer is then used for the initial exercise. The vacuum acts as a sort of resistance and many remark that it mimics exercise in water. People who have tried the device have said many positive things about Vacustep, including a noticeable reduction in cellulite and fat around the midsection and legs.

There are some issues concerning the science surrounding Vacustep, however. Vacustep does not cite any evidence that proves their vacuum device is effective at blasting away fat. Many question if the actual effect is from the elliptical trainer instead of the vacuum device. Despite these concerns, however, Vacustep continues to claim it can sweat away unnecessary fat — and many continue to flock to this device in hopes of eliminating unwanted inches.


  • Utilizes a vacuum device, which acts as a sort of resistance mechanism.
  • People claim Vacustep dramatically decreased fat and cellulite around their legs, hips, and buttocks.


  • There is no scientific evidence backing up the claims made by Vacustep.
  • Users are required to commit to five weekly 20 minute sessions.
  • It is only available in select fitness centers in North America, and is not ideal for home use — one device costs nearly $20,000.


Vacustep is a unique device that utilizes a specialized vacuum device to increase the resistance during exercise, and some people claim they have seen results from Vacustep. The lack of evidence surrounding this device is a concern, however, and any reputable exercise machine should have evidence that backs up any claims made.

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