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V8 Diet Review

What You Should Know

Everyone is supposed to consume eight servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Most likely you have heard this at some point or another. It is commonly reiterated on advertisements and in magazines for health.

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Fortunately there are some weight loss plans that assist you with attaining all of your vitamins and minerals from this food group. One is called the V8 Diet. If you did not already know, V8 is a vegetable juice beverage that is concocted from eight different vegetables. By drinking one eight-ounce glass, you get two whole servings of vegetables at once.

While the V8 Diet can certainly help you get the nutrients you need from vegetables, it is also important to know that a serving only contains 50 calories and no fat or cholesterol. If you subsititue this vegetable beverage in place of soft drinks and other unhealthy beverages, this can naturally help you reduce body fat. V8 additionally offers two grams of dietary fiber per serving. Everyone needs to consume a certain amount of fiber each day in order to achieve regularity. Fiber is what helps us have bowel movements. However, as far as the V8 Diet is concerned, there is really more to losing weight than merely adding a couple glasses of V8 juice to your daily meals.


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Product Features

The V8 Diet is not simply about consuming V8 juice to get various vitamins and fiber. If you take a look at the official website, you will see that this diet plan involves meal plans and a handy guide full of ideas for eating smarter. You can attain all of this information for free via the website. Meal plans can be downloaded, along with recipes, and the V8 Diet plan itself. However, you will have to purchase V8 from local supermarkets and grocery stores. A large bottle tends to sell for three to four dollars. The official website also provides calorie-saver tips, which teaches you ways to cut calories throughout the day to initiate weight reduction.


  • The V8 Diet involves consuming a vegetable beverage, which is healthy and beneficial.
  • By drinking V8 juice, you will naturally consume more dietary fiber, which can assist with bowel movements.


  • There are no testimonials presented for the V8 Diet at this time.
  • Some individuals may naturally not care for the taste of V8 juice, which will likely deter them from trying this diet.
  • There are no typical weight loss ingredients incorporated into V8 juice to burn fat or curb hunger.
  • It does not discuss regular exercise with this weight loss program on the website.


As you surely already know, V8 juice is good for your body overall. However, you should look into the low-sodium formula over the original. Sadly the original V8 contains high levels of sodium, which is not good for the body. As for individuals who do not like the taste of this vegetable beverage, this diet plan will not work well for you. Also, to have the V8 Diet truly work, you will likely need to change your eating habits, follow the free diet advice on the official website, and exercise regularly.

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