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Trim Slim Review

What You Should Know

Trim Slim is described as being a combination of Cortislim and Trimspa, both well-hyped products in the weight loss arena. By mixing the ingredients in the two formulas the makers of Trim Slim maintain that they have created a supplement which will suppress the appetite, rev up metabolism, stabilize the levels of sugar in the blood stream, and control the negative effects of the stress hormone Cortisol.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C, Chromium, Green tea extract, Bitter orange extract, Magnolia bark extract, Cocoa extract, L-Thiamine, Hoodia gordonii, Banaba extract, Vanadium, Fibersol-2, Glucomannan, Sodiumcarboxy methylcellulose, Calcium.

Product Features

Trim Slim markets itself as a hybrid of two already established products, Trimspa and Cortislim. Essentially it takes the main components of those formulas to create a product that strives to be a combination appetite suppressant and fat burner. While that dual action is a good goal for diet aids, it does not appear that this product contains adequate doses of the ingredients needed to accomplish its purposes. For example, Hoodia is said to work best in doses of 500mg or more, the Trim Slim formulas contains only 150mg. In addition, the Hoodia listed is not certified, a problem because there are numerous incidents of imitation products being used in knock-off formulas. The presence of Green Tea is a positive addition to this product as it is a healthy antioxidant known to promote thermogenesis; however, adding Bitter Orange makes the stimulant levels higher than necessary. This might account for complaints that customers experience jitters with this product. The Trim Slim formula also contains Cocoa and Magnolia Bark extracts to alleviate stress and regulate Cortisol; this is a popular trend in weight loss although there is no scientific evidence given as to how effective it might be. 60 capsules of Trim Slim can be purchased for $25.00 on a number of online supplement sites. There do not appear to be any free trial offers available in connection with this product.


  • Trim Slim contains a few overall healthy ingredients such as the antioxidant Green Tea Extract, Vitamin C, and Calcium.
  • The formula for Trim Slim combines a fat burner and an appetite suppressant, both needed elements for effective weight loss.


  • The Trim Slim formula contains too many ingredients in inadequate doses.
  • There is no research given to back up the claims of Trim Slim.
  • Trim Slim receives overall negative reviews from consumers ranging from the product causing side effects to the product being ineffective.


Trim Slim attempts to hype its potential by claiming to be a combination of two already well known products, Cortislim and Trimspa. In actuality it merely takes a few of the ingredients from each of those products and combines them into one pill. The resulting supplement is a grab bag of underwhelming ingredients in doses which look to be too low to be of much use. While the makers of Trim Slim have recognized that a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant is the most desirable way to approach weight loss, they have unfortunately opted to use inadequate doses of unproven components. The result is a supplement that not even their customers feel comfortable in recommending.

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