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Trim Blast Review

What You Should Know

Trim Blast is a supplement that was created by Total Lifestyle Complete, and which has been formulated as a weight loss aid. The pill is marketed as being caffeine free as well as free of any harmful ingredients such as Ephedrine. Trim Blast is intended to assist the body in burning fat more efficiently and to boost lagging energy levels typically associated with being overweight. The mission of Total Lifestyle Complete is to provide the best available products to people so that everyone can live a healthier and happier life. The company stands by the 30 day return policy saying that anyone who is not completely satisfied with the product will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price.

List of Ingredients

Trim Blast is marketed as an all natural treatment for weight loss and contains exotic ingredients such as: Resishi Mushrooms, which are used to treat hypertension, arthritis and liver disorders. Green Tea Extract which is often used as an antioxidant, to treat headaches and to relieve depression. Fo-ti has been used to treat infertility and aging related issues. Goji berries have been used as a strength building food in many countries. Hawthorne Berry reduces water retention. Spirulina boosts the metabolism, assists thyroid function and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Product Features

The makers of Trim Blast claim that, of those who have tried the product, they have seen a 93% success rate over a 3 month period and a 50% success rate in only one month. They promise that by simply adding a few well chosen natural ingredients to your diet, you will see a dramatic improvement in your overall health and live a longer, happier life. The product is claimed to produce no adverse side effects and will not interfere with any prescription medications. The product says that it will improve muscle tone, and joint strength and even reduce wrinkles and age spots all without exercise or changing your diet. The official website says that Trim Blast is based on Collagen which is important for muscle strength and flexibility, It also has the secondary (and much more frequently employed) ability to plump up the skin, which improves the look of wrinkles and fine lines. However the list of ingredients says nothing about collagen being part of the formula, which is strange. Trim Blast is sold on the website for $63.95 for 30 capsules. There are no directions on the website to tell consumers how they should take the supplement.


  • Trim Blast contains all natural ingredients.
  • Trim Blast can be purchased from the official website.


  • There is no scientific research data published on the official website concerning this product.
  • The website boasts collagen as being the basis for the formula but it is not listed in the ingredients.
  • There are no directions for the product on the official website.


The bottom line is that Trim Blast is just another “all natural” product on the market promising to produce dramatic results without dieting or exercise. There really is nothing that can be said that can redeem a product that boasts these types of claims. Hopefully consumers have learned their lesson regarding the manufacturers of these products and will no longer help them to line their pockets until they agree to provide the scientific research to back up claims made for these generic herbal supplements.

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  1. anoymous says:

    I’ve sent 9 emails trying to get a refund with no response. I had migraines the product didn’t work.

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