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Total Body Makeover Review

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Bob Greene wrote the book, Total Body Makeover. This book explains a 12 week process of losing weight and learning how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life. The program explained in the Total Body Makeover book is meant to transform the body with intense workouts and diet changes. Not for the weak at heart, the Total Body Makeover requires a serious commitment to weight loss. Bob Greeneís Total Body Makeover is sold on Amazon for $16.50.

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Advice on weight loss and exercise by Bob Greene.

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Without Oprah Winfrey, Bob Greene may be a name no one would have ever heard about. But, as the personal trainer for this mega star, suddenly the words of Bob Greene are considered something everyone should listen to. The fitness portion of the Total Body Makeover begins with 15 minute workout sessions which increase in time week after week. The fitness program requires 6 days of workouts a week and climax with 45 minute plus workouts at the end of the 12 weeks.

The diet portion of the Total Body Makeover is not as intense as the fitness portion. The rules associated with the plan include curbing alcohol intake and setting time limits for ending the days eating. These lax food rules seem in contrast to the intense workout program, but may prove effective as the body will certainly be burning more calories and thus losing weight.

Also included in the Total Body Makeover is emotional training and transitional training for after the 12 weeks are completed. While there is no official website for the Total Body Makeover, there is a website for the Best Life program created by Greene. This website includes information on the Total Body Makeover as well as other books written by Greene.


  • Increasing physical activity will burn more calories.
  • The program is based on healthy fitness and food choices.
  • Information online supports the Total Body Makeover.


  • Some people may not have 45 extra minutes to workout 6 days a week.
  • The program requires intense exercise.
  • The dieting rules are lax.
  • There is no mention of fat burning supplements or appetite suppressants.
  • The 12 week commitment may be too much for some dieters.


The Total Body Makeover by Bob Greene is a sound program that will clearly result in weight loss if the dieter sticks with the intense program. Combining the Total Body Makeover with a fat burner and appetite suppressant may make the scale move a bit faster and the weight loss program a but easier to follow. Before undertaking such an intense workout program, the dieter needs to seek medical advice and clearance from their doctor.

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