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Tonalin Review

What You Should Know

Tonalin is a CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has been researched for decades. It is not a weight loss supplement per say, although it is contained in some weight loss supplements. It prevents fats from being broken down, by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down fat. It can be found in dairy and beef products. The natural occurrence of CLA has been reduced in these products over the years due to the process dairy products currently go through and the way the cattle are fed.

The supplement Tonalin comes from safflower, which also makes it vegetarian friendly. The makers of Tonalin, the Cognis Group, state that Tonalin by itself is not an effective way to loss weight. Tonalin paired with a healthy diet and exercise can produce weight loss though. Tonalin can also be combined with other weight loss supplements for even quicker weight loss results.


CLA (conjugate linoliec acid) derived from Safflower.

Product Features

CLAí like Tonalin have been researched for years, it has been found by many clinical studies to be safe to take. There was even a two year clinical study to test if Tonalin would have any long term side effects. No side effects have been found in the clinical studies. Online the only complaint about Tonalin found is a mild stomach discomfort or nausea.

Tonalin has been found to work as a weight loss supplement providing the effects of reducing body fat, especially in the mid section and preserving or increase lean muscle mass. This will provide a leaner more defined body. This is one main reason Tonalin is taken alone by bodybuilders to achieve a more defined muscular body. In people looking to lose a significant amount of weight Tonalin may need to be combined with other dietary supplements and a healthy diet and exercise program to achieve significant weight loss.

Tonalin is available at a number of local grocery, retail and health stores. It is also available online. There are a number of brands that contain or sell Tonalin. The Tonalin website lists the associated products as well as location off and online where Tonalin can be purchased. Tonalin should be taken up to 3 times per day. The dosage amount of Tonalin should be 1000mg per serving, but not more than 3 grams per day. Tonalin is very affordable for only around $30 for a monthís supply and a savvy shopper could probably find it even cheaper with so many buyer locations available.


  • Tonalin has been researched for more that 30 years.
  • Tonalin is affordable and widely available.
  • Tonalin prevents fat from ever being broken down, thus preventing it from being absorbed.


  • It is unsure whether there are natural side effects like anal leakage associated with Tonalin.
  • Tonalin is mainly used by bodybuilders as a stand alone product.
  • Tonalin is affordable, but for significant weight loss it should be combined with a weight loss supplement which can become expensive.
  • Tonalin is not sold on the official website and is available under a number of brand names and many locations, making it difficult spotting an imitation of Tonalin.


Tonalin sounds like the miracle pill every dieter has been looking for. It is well tested and blocks the fat from ever breaking down in the first place. On top of all that Tonalin is also widely available and affordable, so what is the catch? The catch is that Tonalin can reduce weigh and helps build lean muscles mass but for those not already in great shape, an additional weight loss supplement paired with a healthy diet and exercise program need to be implemented along with Tonalin.

This takes us to finding a trusted weight loss supplement that is proven effective. To find this supplement you will be looking for one with a proven track record through clinical trials. A trusted weight loss supplement will have a dedicated website that has more than just a sells pitch located on it. It will have a complete list of ingredients. The website should also give proof of the clinical trials and scientific evidence proving its worth as a weight loss supplement. An effective weight loss supplement will contain a fat burner as well as an appetite suppressant and very little else.

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