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Smooth Move Tea Review

What You Should Know

Smooth Move Tea is a tea with laxative qualities. According to information available online, the tea helps to relieve constipation gently and naturally. The ingredient list is short and sweet, but the lack of ingredients may not prove this supplement to be better than other weight loss products.

An official website for Smooth Move Tea could not be found, but the product and information on the tea is available all over the Internet. The tea is popular with dieters and people following low carb diet plans. Natural laxatives are thought to be good for the relief of occasional constipation, but as a weight loss product they are often viewed as a sign of bulimia or anorexia.

List of Ingredients

Senna, Licorice, Orange Peel and Ginger.

Product Features

Senna can be found sold in stores as a natural laxative. With this is a fantastic ingredient for detoxifying supplements, the use of a laxative in weight loss is often linked to eating disorders. Laxatives may provide short term solutions to weight loss by increasing bowel movements, but the dehydration will reverse as soon as the product is ceased.

The licorice, ginger and orange peel offer very little in terms of weight loss support. It looks like these ingredients were added more for their taste in the tea than they were for their weight loss boosting ability. There have been a few studies on a chemical found in the peel of the bitter orange, but this ingredient list does not specify the use of Bitter Orange over a traditional orange.

The remaining ingredients are all listed as being effective for stomach discomfort, nausea and vomiting. This could be a red flag for the consumer wishing to lose weight with the product as it could cause stomach or gas issues as many laxatives can.


  • There is information on the Smooth Move Tea online.
  • Smooth Move Tea may increase weight loss by cleansing the colon.


  • Smooth Move tea is a laxative.
  • Laxatives can cause dehydration.
  • The diuretic quality of laxatives may interfere with prescription medication.
  • There is no official website for the Smooth Move Tea product.


Smooth Move Tea is a laxative and not a weight loss product. The information online support the use of Senna, and other listed ingredients, for bowel problems and constipation, but this is not the same as weight loss. Weight loss with a laxative is a very short term solution and will not lead to long term weight loss effects.

We tend to support weight loss supplements with real, long term, weight loss in mind. There are proven fat burners and appetite suppressants that can help the dieter to eat less and increase metabolism. The Smooth Move Tea does not fall into this category.

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