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SlimShots Review

What You Should Know

SlimShots is a diet aid in effervescent tablet form that employs a combination of three distinct formulas to achieve weight loss. The product asserts that it optimizes the human metabolism to enable the body to succeed in its weight loss attempts. Each effervescent tablet is taken at the predetermined time with a full glass of water. The morning dose kick starts the metabolism and helps the consumer experience a burst of energy. SlimShot’s midday dose limits the fat absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and also helps with the actual digestion processes. The nightly dose contains no stimulants but nonetheless claims to burn fat during the hour that the body is at rest.


The SlimShot morning dose is a proprietary mix of green tea and coffee, supplemented vitamin B, cherry stalk, wild pansy, olive wood, meadow-sweet, mate, and ash wood cola. At noon, consumers ingest a dose of citrus and apple pectin, guar gum, and also cider vinegar. The nightly SlimShot dose contains chromium, grape marc and papaya extracts, cacao, orange skin, and pineapple. SlimShot’s manufacturers are so sure of their product’s effectiveness that they decided to offer consumers a no questions asked 100% refund within 60 days from the date the order was placed.

Product Features

SlimShot’s morning dose is said to be so fast acting that it takes effect within five minutes. At that time it is the green coffee, tea and mate combination that provides that alertness while the vitamin B supplementation infuses strength into the immune system. When consumers take their noon dose, the pectins serve as appetite suppressants, while the guar gum adds fiber that helps the body to feel full and sated. Cider vinegar is indicated for its fat burning capacity.

SlimShot suggests that the nightly dose of cacao and organ peel entices the body to enter into a state of thermogenesis that heightens the body temperate and therefore results in a more rapid fat loss. Chromium attacks the sugars which were digested and metabolizes them at an elevated rate. In conjunction with the dietary aids, consumers also ingest at least three full glasses of water during the day, a long recognized necessity for those on a diet.


  • SlimShot is a dietary aid in the form of easy to carry effervescent tablets. There is no need to buy special diet drinks, since consumers can mix them right at the table.
  • SlimShot customers are rewarded for their order with a one year free subscription to a healthy lifestyle magazine. The choices are Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Maxim, and Elle.
  • The dietary aid comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Although the SlimShot website contains a wealth of consumer testimonials, it is devoid of clinical studies, trials, or at least links to scientific evidence that the various ingredients perform the tasks the company promises.
  • Chromium supplementation is a risky proposition; federal guidelines were changed in 2007 to reduce the average daily intake per adult female to 25 µg. Unfortunately, the SlimShot site fails to indicate the dosage in the evening tablet.
  • Mate, assuming it refers to yerba mate, is being researched for its medicinal properties, among them its effect mimicking monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. Consumers who are already ingesting MAO inhibitors are at an elevated risk of suffering from high blood pressure and associated illnesses. The SlimShots website fails to disclose this.


SlimShot is an intriguing diet aid and the idea that three simple effervescent slimming drinks may hold the key to enabling the body’s metabolism to shed unwanted pounds is tempting. Unfortunately, the lack of clinical studies and the failure to disclose potentially harmful drug interactions but instead selling the tablets as a safe means of boosting weight loss is somewhat irresponsible. Last but not least, SlimShot makers fail to remind consumers that maintaining a healthy diet and also regular exercise are instrumental in heightening a person’s odds of maintaining good health and a healthy weight.

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