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SlimQuick Hoodia Review

What You Should Know

SlimQuick Hoodia is one of many products offered for sale by SlimQuick Laboratories. The formula combines Hoodia Gordonii, a popular ingredient in diet supplements, with Calcium, Vitamin D, and Green Tea Extract to create a product which is said to specifically address the needs of women.

SlimQuick Laboratories is the manufacturer of a whole line of products geared toward addressing the unique weigh loss issues facing women. Other products they offer include a detox cleanse formula, a powdered diet drink mix, a natural vitamin supplement and an energy booster.

List of Ingredients

Calcium 500mg, Vitamin D, Hoodia Gordonii (aerial stem) 550mg, Green Tea Extract.

Product Features

SlimQuick Hoodia is said to be designed especially to address the needs of women. To that end it has included Calcium, Vitamin D, and Green Tea Extract in its formula along with the appetite suppressant Hoodia Gordonii. The daily Calcium need for women is believed to be 1000mg so if a dieter is cutting back on dairy products and not taking a daily vitamin supplement, the SlimQuick Hoodia formula represents one way to met that recommendation; the Vitamin D here is said to aid in calcium absorption. Green Tea Extract does provide healthy antioxidants but those are not necessarily unique female needs so it is probably here mostly for its ability to boost metabolism. SlimQuick Hoodia comes with an informational packet which lays out a suggested diet plan and gives nutrition advice as well as sample exercise routines. Consumers may also use the many services offered at the SlimQuick website to help them plan and stick to their diet program. The SlimQuick Hoodia formula is sold in bottles of 60 caplets for $29.99. Suggested dose is six caplets a day, three at breakfast and three at lunch.


  • The formula for SlimQuick Hoodia is simple and easy to understand.
  • SlimQuick Hoodia is convenient it purchase, it is available both online and in major drugstores and pharmacy chains.
  • The official website for SlimQuick Hoodia contains diet advice and support.


  • SlimQuick Hoodia contains the same formula as numerous other Hoodia based products.
  • There is no certificate of authenticity available for the Hoodia Gordonii in this product.
  • The return policy on the official SlimQuick website is unclear.
  • There are no customer testimonials offered for SlimQuick Hoodia.


The formula for SlimQuick Hoodia is straight forward and very familiar. It is said to be especially designed for women, but it really no different than a hundred supplements containing Hoodia Gordonii available to the whole consumer base. Hoodia Gordonii has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant, so if the Hoodia in this product is authentic it should serve that purpose, although without a certificate of authenticity it is hard to be sure that the ingredients are pure. The official website gives no clinical data to vouch for the effectiveness of SlimQuick Hoodia and there are also no customer reviews to consult so the consumer might want to wait on making a purchase until this relatively new product has been around long enough to develop a reputation as an effective weight loss tool.

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