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Slendertone Review

What You Should Know

Slendertone products are marketed to tone and strengthen the body with “clinically demonstrated EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Technology to gently and safely contract and relax your muscles”. These products are claimed to be almost effortless, by which the manufacturers mean that the user does not have to perform physical exercise because Slendertone’s EMS feature does the work for them. The muscles are tightened and then relaxed over and over again, just as if you were working them out with weights or sit ups or any other type of exercise.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

Slendertone sells the “Slendertone System-Arms”, “Slendertone System-Abs”, “Slendertone System-Mini”, “Slendertone Flex Pro”, “Slendertone Flex Go”, and the “Slendertone Fortex”. Each of these Electronic Muscle Stimulation devices is geared towards a certain body part. The makers of Slendertone products recommend using them all for the best results and toning all over the body. Most of the Slendertone products are sold directly from the manufacturer’s official product website for $99.99, except for the “Slendertone Flex Pro” which is $149.99 and the “Slendertone Fortex” which is sold for $79.99. Slendertone products require replacement pads which are also sold online and range in price from $15.99 to $34.99.


  • Slendertone products are “FDA cleared”.
  • The official product website for Slendertone offers some clinical proof.


  • Slendertone products promote a lazy attitude and do not encourage regular, healthy exercise.
  • Slendertone products may be costly to maintain as they require replacement pads on a regular basis.
  • A proven appetite suppressant and fat burning product is not encouraged or recommended for use with the Slendertone products.
  • The idea of electronic muscle toning has been faddishly popular in Europe for decades, but little credible evidence of effectiveness has ever been established.


While it is certainly easy to let an electronic device do all the work for you, it is difficult to see the value in a product that, at best, promotes laziness. If you are a dieter or someone who struggles with weight loss and you are looking to tone up with minimal effort, then Slendertone products may be right for you. Slendertone products can easily be worn during day-to-day activities and can exercise your muscles for you as you go about your day. The official product website for Slendertone recommends a six week plan which consists of five toning sessions per week, and also a set of diet tips for dieters to eat a bit more healthy than they usually do. But overall, the idea definitely sounds “too good to be true” to us. Before using any exercise equipment, however, especially one that delivers electronic stimulation to the body, it would be wise to check with your regular physician first to ensure it is safe and that it is the right choice for you. We feel these products might be more effective or promote weight loss more quickly if they included a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner for dieters who purchase the products.

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