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Sleep N Slim Review

What You Should Know

Sleep n Slim is a weight loss supplement which claims you can lose weight while sleeping. The manufactures of Sleep N Slim claim that there is no need to change eating habits or exercise while taking this supplement to lose weight. Who would not want to lose weight by simply sleeping, but does Sleep N Slim really work?


L glutamine, L lysine, Magnesium Citrate, L Ornithine Glysine, Larginine, Collagen, and Vitamin B6, L Carnitine, Vitamin B3, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Sodium Benzonate, Green Tea Extract.

Product Features

Sleep N Slim claims to aid in weight loss by simply sleeping away the fat is not scientifically backed on their website. The Sleep N Slim website does not disclose its ingredients, but with further research the ingredients can be found on other websites. The ingredients in Sleep N Slim do not support its claims for easy weight loss. L-glutamine is a supplement which has been proven to aid in immune function and building muscle through protein synthesis. Magnesium Citrate is a laxative which is the only product listed which can aid in weight loss. It also contains Aloe Vera which is included to reduce discomfort from the laxative. Sleep N Slim also contains Green Tea Extract which is a stimulant. This would not aid in a good night sleep.

The Sleep N Slim website does provide general information on the product but does not provide any factual evidence that it can do what it claims. Sleep N Slim is also rather expensive at $50 for a months supply. There seems to be scientific research associated with Sleep N Slim to back it as a promising weight loss supplement.


  • There is an official website for Sleep N Slim.
  • Sleep N Slim is available for purchase online.


  • The manufacturers of Sleep N Slim do not back their claims with scientific research.
  • Website only gives general information without evidence.
  • There are several blogs on Sleep N Slim discounting its effects as a weight loss supplement.
  • Sleep N Slim claims it burns fat, but does not contain a fat burner ingredient.


The makers of Sleep N Slim claim that you can lose weight while sleeping without diet or exercise. This seems like an unrealistic claim as any reputable dietary supplement will suggest including it with a healthy diet and a moderate exercise program. The ingredients found in Sleep N Slim do not support its claims of easy weight loss. The only active weight loss ingredient is magnesium citrate which is a laxative. It also contains Green Tea Extract which is a stimulant. This does not seem like a helpful ingredient in a sleep away fat product. There is no fat burner ingredient or an appetite suppressant to help resist cravings throughout the day.

An affective weight loss supplement should have an official website which provides evidence to its claims to work as a weight loss supplement. An effective weight loss supplement will contain a fat burner and appetite suppressant without any filler. It should not include ingredients that have no useful purpose as a weight loss supplement. It is also important that whenever weight loss is the goal either with or without a weight loss supplement a balanced healthy diet and exercise program needs to be included to achieve long lasting results.

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