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Right Size Smoothies Review

What You Should Know

Right Size Smoothies offers consumers a six week plan in which one to two meals per day are replaced with a diet smoothie drink. In addition to the smoothies, users have to take the Right Size Multivitamin as a supplement. The plan promises to leave you feeling less hungry between meals and to generally curb the appetite. Right Size Smoothies are said to contain fifty percent of twenty essential vitamins and minerals. For support tools, the official product website for Right Size Smoothies offers a Calorie Counter, a Body Mass Index calculator, a Body Fat Percentage calculator, and a way to estimate your Target Heart Rate while you are exercising.

List of Ingredients

Appemine is listed as the main, active ingredient in Right Size Smoothies. Appemine is derived from a combination of green tea extract, cinnamon twig, and galangal.

Product Features

Right Size Smoothies are offered in a variety of flavors including Leano Cappuccino, Slend-A-Berry, Lean Cocoa Bean, and Skinni Vanilla. Right Size also sells Sugar Free Syrups in Almond, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, White Chocolate, French Vanilla, Amaretto, English Toffee, and Irish Crème.


  • Right Size Smoothies are available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Right Size Smoothies offers internet specials for consumers to buy the product in bulk to save money.
  • The official product website for Right Size Smoothies posts customer testimonials from people who have tried the product with positive results.


  • Right Size Smoothies do not contain a fat burning ingredient. This product is simply an appetite suppressant.
  • Free samples of the Right Size products are not available at this time. New customers who want to try the product have to pay $2.49 plus shipping costs. Currently, there are only two flavors available to sample.
  • Right Size products contain a derivative of green tea. Green tea contains caffeine which can cause jitteriness in some people despite claims that it will not.
  • Some medical professionals worry about maintaining proper long-term nutrition while using meal replacement supplements.


As an appetite suppressant, the main ingredient Appemine has been proven to work. Unfortunately, the product does not contain a fat burner which would likely help users to lose weight faster. Since Right Size Smoothies do contain green tea extract which has caffeine, some people may be sensitive to it and feel jittery. The side effects are probably mild however, due to the low levels of caffeine that are in green tea. Right Size should be commended for posting customer testimonials and before & after pictures of people who have used the six week plan successfully. We feel it would be better if Right Size offered free samples to first time customers though, as well as a bigger variety of flavor samples.

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