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Richard Simmons Review

What You Should Know

Richard Simmons was once a waiter in a restaurant who wanted to make a change in the way people workout and lose weight. With this vision in mind, he set out to start a gym that real people could afford where real people could lose weight without being surrounded by muscle bound weight lifters.

Richard Simmons has an official website with information on the various weight loss options he promotes. These include programs through state and federal government, cruises for weight loss and daily mood boosters to keep the dieter in line with their weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

Various weight loss products.

Product Features

Richard Simmons was not always thin and in shape. In his earlier years, this weight loss guru was overweight and out of shape. With a vision and a strong mind, he went on to create a mega empire of weight loss products, videos, cruises and program that have helped many people lose weight. Richard Simmons tends to focus on the morbidly obese individual who truly believes there is no way they will be able to lose weight with exercise.

The Richard Simmons program teaches the dieter how to eat and how to move in a way that is healthy and easy to understand. The most popular Richard Simmons program is the Food Mover. The Food Mover retails for $19.99 and is used to keep track of food, water, vitamins and exercise. Food cards are included to help the dieter to understand the program and stay within a certain calorie level. There is no mention of actual calorie counting, but the cards lead the consumer to believe they will need to calculate the calories of every food and drink consumed. This can be extremely time consuming.


  • There is information on the Richard Simmons program online.
  • The dieter can get support for the diet and exercise plan online.
  • All Richard Simmons products are available for sale online.
  • Richard Simmons is a trusted name in the weight loss realm.


  • Calorie counting can be time consuming and difficult with home created meals.
  • The dieter is forced to control food cravings without supplements.
  • No fat burners are included in the program.
  • The strength of the program lies with Richard Simmons√ɬ≠ attitude.


Richard Simmons has helped people to lose weight, but the majority of the strength does not come from the weight loss program, but the power of suggestion enforced by Richard Simmons. Richard Simmons is a positive influence and that is where the power of the program is seeded. In order to lose weight, many dieters will find benefit from a fat burner or an appetite suppressant in addition to some good, old fashioned friendly support.

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