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Releana Review

What You Should Know

Releana is a weight loss product created by Millenium Medical Spa. The Releana product is the primary product promoted by the company. The official website offers contact information on the product as well as an ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin

Product Features

Releana contains HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. This hormone is the same hormone that is measured during a pregnancy test to establish how far along the pregnancy is. The fetus release HCG into the blood stream and urinary tract soon after conception.

There are clinical studies referenced on the website, but these studies have little credibility in conjunction with the Releana product. One study focuses on the use of injected HCG instead of oral HCG. The other study offers no website link, but a document file that can be viewed. These types of files can be written by anyone with knowledge about clinical trials and thus offers no real information to the consumer.

The testimonials on the website are a positive addition. There are before and after photos as well as quoted testimonials from Releana users. The Releana program is more than just a supplement, it is a medical intervention for weight loss. The program must be started and continued through a clinic that offers the Releana diet. The diet includes a program of exercise and a reduced calorie diet. According to the information on

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the website, some users of Releana also choose to take appetite suppressants while on the diet and these are given at an extra cost to the dieter.

There are no prices listed for the Releana program. There are, however, prices listed for the appetite suppressants and the blood work that must be completed before the Releana diet can be started. The appetite suppressants cost $110 for a one month supply and the blood work $75.


  • There is an official website for Releana.
  • Testimonials are provided on the website.
  • Contact information is listed for pricing and questions.


  • The clinical studies are either lacking professionalism or irrelevant.
  • The program is an in house program and can be very costly.
  • The dieter is required to come back to the clinic for several visits and weigh ins.


We cannot support the use of Releana for weight loss at this time. The product just does not offer real clinical evidence that the hormone works to increase weight loss. This added to the fact that a weight loss diet and exercise program are probably the source of the weight loss, makes this product a waste of money. Consumers wishing to lose weight can choose a fat burner and appetite suppressant for far less than the $110 listed on the website (appetite suppressant only). These products are offered with clinical trials to back up their effectiveness.

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