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For those seeking assistance with healthy weight reduction, you have probably encountered a massive slew of pills, supplement formulas, and beverages over the years. However, did you know that hypnosis is also an

option for shedding unwanted body fat? Positive Changes is a company that focuses on assisting men and women with weight loss through hypnosis. Other than losing weight, this program can additionally reduce stress, and even help people quit smoking. The center location apparatus on the official website can assist you with finding out if a Positive Changes clinic is near you.

The keys to making the Positive Changes system effective are professional coaching and real hypnosis. This company dates back to 1987 and was founded by one Patrick K. Porter, who has a PhD. A six-point system is employed to get clients where they want to be. Although the six points are not discussed in detail, it is stated that there is a no-risk guarantee. Other than the professional services themselves, there are numerous products sold through the Positive Changes website, such as books, music, and audio assistance devices. It is not revealed how much it costs to attain assistance though a center.


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Product Features

Positive Changes is a method of weight loss that does not involve appetite suppressants, fat burning capsules, meal replacement shakes or diet pills. Clients simply visit a center that is near them, and proceed to get hypnosis therapy. This program is claimed to be based on over 16 years of research and testing. There are some success videos provided on the website to give you insight as to what others are saying about the weight loss system. Also, an FAQ section is provided to help new consumers acquire the answers to common questions and concerns they may have.


  • There are no potentially harmful drugs involved with Positive Changes weight loss treatments.
  • This company dates back to 1987, which may reassure some men and women.
  • There is a guarantee offered on the official website for the Positive Changes hypnosis therapy.


  • There may not be a Positive Changes center located near you, which means that you cannot take advantage of the in-person hypnosis sessions.
  • No convenient appetite suppressants or fat burning pills are incorporated into this weight loss program.
  • The actual cost of Positive Changes weight loss is not revealed on the website.
  • There does not appear to be substantial clinical research offered to support this fat reduction method.


When all is said and done, Positive Changes is certainly a unique and interesting approach to weight loss. It is refreshing to see a program that does not involve potentially harmful prescription diet pills and quick-fix supplements. Unfortunately some of the crucial details were left off of the website, such as how much this program costs. For those interested in a method like this, it makes sense to call and ask further questions before getting involved. However, this is only if a center is located near your home.

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