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Phenylethylamine Review

What You Should Know

Phenylethylamine, also known as PEA, is a nueromodulator. It works in the brain on the neurotransmitters that regulate may body functions, like mood and focus. It is produced by the brain in a natural form called L-Phenylalanine. It is also found in small amounts in some foods, like cocoa. Studies have shown that depression and people with ADD or ADHD are lacking natural PEA. It is believed that introducing phenylethylamine to the body can help give a boost to the natural amount in the brain and thus increase mood and energy.


Phenylethylamine is found in cocoa, some foods and in some drugs like LSD and morphine. It can cause psychoactive effects in large amounts. It is an ingredient in the drug ephedrine that has been shown to have serious side effects on the heart and body. It is not a weight loss or diet pill. In no information regarding this product does it suggest that it has been proven to assist in weight loss.

Recommended dosages of phenylethylamine in pill form is 2 capsules per day. It will produce a stronger effect when taken on an empty stomach. The recommendation is to take the pills in the morning or as needed. Over a seven day period it is recommended that a person only take the pills for 4 to 5 of those days.

Product Features

Phenylethylamine is the main ingredient in any pills promoted as PEA pills. This product is usually used by students and athletes. It may cause an enhanced mood, increased focus, reduce stress and increase energy. It can take one hour to a few days for the effects of the pills to occur.


  • It acts as a way to increase brain activity. This increase in activity is said to help improve mood, enable the ability to focus better, act as a stress reliever and give an energy boost.
  • Studies show that it may help relieve depression in some patients, but it is not an across the board solution nor is it a long term solution.
  • The ability of the product to increase focus and energy has only be proven in animals.


  • Phenylethylamine cannot be combined with MAOI medications or stimulants. Doing so could cause serious, possibly fatal effects.
  • Patients trying to self treat with phenylethylamine who are taking other medications may open themselves up to serious side effects.
  • People who have high blood pressure or other heart issues can complicate their problems by using phenylethylamine.
  • It cannot be used for a long period of time or by anyone under the age of 18.
  • If taken in too high of a dose, phenylethylamine can be fatal.


The use of phenylethylamine puts a person at serious risk for harmful side effects on the heart that could lead to death. Use of this product to increase energy or aid in focus can only be a short term solution. It is better to seek out natural ways to do so than to take this product. It is not recommended that phenylethylamine be used as a weight loss drug. Abuse of this product or overdose is a common habit with serious effects. It is a better choice to avoid using phenylethylamine altogether.

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  1. errol pippin says:

    I am the stepfather of a 21 year young girl, who has been taking everything she can fall victim to to control her wait. The problem I have is her mother isnt looking at this as a potential problem, for why I dont understand. I would like to know is, are the younger generation abusing this under the guise that they are using it to control their weight, she is taking laxitives of all types even suppositories and she is always eating takeout foods and doesnt seem to be doing the things you would think someone who wanted to keep in shape, should be doing can you send me all info addressing my concerns fore her wellbeing thank you

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