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Mega T Green Tea Drink Review

What You Should Know

Mega T Green Tea Drink is a highly publicized weight loss supplement using the scientifically proven power of green tea to boost product sales. According to the official Mega T Green Tea Drink website, some users lose as much as 20 pounds using the green tea product. Looking more closely at the website reveals a brief warning about the consumption of green tea in large amounts and the stimulant effect that may occur due to the caffeine in green tea.


EGCG, Caffeine, Green Tea, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Acesulfame Potassium and Aspartame.

Product Features

With the scientific support of green tea as an effective weight loss supplement came a huge list of weight loss products with green tea as the main ingredient. The Mega T Green Tea Drink is one of those products. The ingredient list shows us that the product is nothing more than green tea and an artifical sweetener. The common person could choose to buy green tea bags and their favorite calorie free sweetener and achieve the same results as those using the Mega T Green Tea Drink product.

The Mega T Green Tea Drink product is widely available in retails stores offline. The sales price will vary, but tend to fall under $10.00 for 30 servings of the weight loss tea. Many dieters may choose the product due to the low price and the high availability. The official website does offer contact information, but the product cannot be purchased online. The testimonials on the website are all focused on the Mega T Green Tea pills as opposed to the weight loss tea mixes.


  • Green tea has been proven to aid in weight loss.
  • The product is cheaper than most weight loss products.


  • The ingredient list includes nothing more than green tea.
  • The testimonials on the website are all for the Mega T pills.
  • The manufacturer does not display any of the relevant scientific evidence supporting green tea use in weight loss.
  • The product is not available online.


While we tend to support many green tea products, this product is just an overpriced version of a green tea bag. The ingredients list explains the Mega T Green Tea Drink contains only green tea and a sweetener and the product retails for far more than a traditional green tea bag. There is also no support for green tea included on the website even though there is a plethora of support offered online for green tea in general.

At this time we cannot support a product that claims to increase weight loss with only one ingredient that can be purchased for far less in the retail environment. A fat burner with an appetite suppressant can help aid in weight loss far more effectively.

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