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Lipozene Review

What You Should Know

The way that Lipozene works is by thickening in the stomach to form a gooey, gel-like substance which can make a person feel full. Taking Lipozene before meals will ideally cause the person to eat less. If the user’s calories, fat, and food intake are constantly reduced in this way, people who use Lipozene as directed should lose weight, according to manufacturer’s claims.

List of Ingredients

Although we were unable to locate a complete list of product ingredients for Lipozene, we did find that the main and active ingredient is Glucomannan. This ingredient is considered to be a dietary fiber which is given as a nutritional supplement for obesity, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

Product Features

In our research, we found that some Lipozene users suffered esophagus blockages. Yes, the main ingredient is a natural fiber product however, when it mixes with fluids it creates an indigestible gel that has to be passed through the body. At the time of this review, we were unable to locate actual data from clinical trials of Glucomannan that produced positive results.


  • Lipozene is said to have no known side effects.
  • Lipozene is said to be 100% natural.


  • Some users seem to have more trouble than intended digesting Glucomannan, resulting in health risks.
  • At $30.00 per bottle, Lipozene is somewhat expensive for the average consumer. Six capsules need to be taken per day and sixty capsules come in a bottle. This means a bottle will only last for ten days.
  • The return and refund policy for Lipozene is unclear as to whether or not the company will take an open bottle back.


If you are looking to include more fiber in your diet, there are better (and less expensive) ways to do it than through taking Lipozene. Though it appears that products which use Glucomannan do cause weight loss, we are unable to determine how safe it is. Some independent studies concluded that Glucomannan should not be used orally. Other studies showed that a higher than recommended dosage would need to be taken to cause significant weight loss, but at that dose a person would end up with digestive problems such as diarrhea. This is a common Catch-22 among diet products: that using enough of a key active ingredient to show results also involves health risks. Users of Lipozene have to take six capsules a day for best results, which means your bottle of sixty capsules will only last for ten days. You then have to re-order the product and it will end up costing you about $90.00 plus shipping costs for just one month of use. If you want to fill up on fiber or Glucomannan, other manufacturer’s offer a similar product for about a third of the price of Lipozene.

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