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Life Tree Purify Review

What You Should Know

There are plenty of supplement formulas available today to potentially aid with cleansing the body. Internal cleansers generally come in capsule, tablet and liquid form. Amongst the plethora of supplements out the

re, you will encounter Life Tree Purify, which is a product that can be found on thelifetree.com site for $37.95. Unlike many individual formulas, this one actually comes in liquid or capsule form. Although many internal cleansing aids are claimed to flush out the colon and digestive tract, this one addresses natural parasite cleansing. It is pitched as 100 percent organic and natural, and does not contain wormwood.

After reviewing the official website for Life Tree Purify liquid and capsules, it is clear that this company offers a vast array of cleansing aids. Naturally it would be helpful if the ingredients found in these supplements were disclosed, but it appears that they are not. However, it is stated that Life Tree Purify is a secret herbal blend that comes from areas like Asia and Europe. The website goes into great detail about parasites that could potentially be squirming around in your body. They even go as far as saying that it is estimated that half of the United States are afflicted by parasites and do not even know it. Naturally this sounds a tad hyped-up.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Life Tree Purify capsules and liquid are claimed to kill any parasites, worms or intruders that may have entered your body through food that was consumed. This supplement is stated to be free of all artificial components, fillers, and potentially harmful herbal ingredients. Purify capsules were formulated by a master herbalist, and aim to flush out any unsightly parasites that may be causing health afflictions. In other words, you may be suffering from bizarre health conditions, but cannot figure out what is wrong. This website suggests that it could be a parasite infestation caused by food or exposure to something. So when you take Life Tree Purify capsules or liquid, you can acquire a healthier lifestyle immediately. Other than being all-natural and organic, there is not much offered on this supplement.


  • Life Tree Purify is organic and 100 percent natural.
  • This product does not contain wormwood or artificial ingredients.
  • This supplement formula is suitable for women and men alike.


  • There is no guarantee with this product.
  • No testimonials are presented for Life Tree Purify.
  • None of the actual ingredients are disclosed on the official website.
  • The website focuses primarily on parasite research, and not the supplement itself.


One thing you should understand right away is that Life Tree Purify is not a weight reduction supplement. On the other hand, this product is merely an internal cleansing aid that is claimed to battle parasites. Although the website addresses this issue like most people have parasites coursing through their veins, this topic seems to be hyped-up quite a bit to sell Life Tree Purify. It is smart to consult a real physician prior to buying a product like this.

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