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Lean Source Review

What You Should Know

Lean Source is a line of weight loss and nutritional products developed by Life Time Fitness, a chain of fitness centers located in the United States. Lean Source currently sells weight loss bars, meal replacement shakes, nutritional bars, and a weight loss supplement, which all feature thermogenic blends of popular weight loss ingredients, including CLA and Green Tea Extract. Lean Source’s products can be purchased from their website, but it tends be slightly more expensive than similar products. A money back guarantee or additional bonuses are not included with purchase of any product.

According to their website, Lean Source’s main goal in producing these products is to increase a person’s weight loss potential through a blend of ingredients personally researched by Life Time Fitness. Lean Source claims these ingredients will promote thermogenesis, a process where metabolism and energy is increase to improve the fat burning potential for dieters. All of the products are also ephedra-free, promoting itself as a natural, safe brand for all dieters.

List of Ingredients

CLA, Chromium, and Green Tea are featured heavily in their products.

Product Features

Lean Source claims to use ingredients that promote thermogenesis, which experts believe is the most effective way to lose weight. Some of the ingredients included in their blends are CLA and Green Tea. CLA, a fatty acid present in most meat and dairy products, may decrease abdominal fat in humans, according to one study. Another study has also demonstrated it may decrease general body fat. Green Tea Extract, another popular weight loss ingredient, may also increase the metabolism. According to a study cited in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists discovered Green Tea significantly increased the metabolism — and fat burning potential — with daily consumption. This effect is not experienced in smaller doses, however, and it is not clear if Lean Source includes the appropriate amount to stimulate this benefit.

Nevertheless, Lean Source does include two key ingredients which is shown to promote thermogenic properties in humans.


  • Contains Green Tea Extract, which is shown to increase metabolism significantly.
  • Offers a variety of meal replacement bars and shakes.


  • Is slightly more expensive than other meal replacement products.
  • Does not include ingredients that may promote appetite suppression, another key part of weight loss.
  • A bigger emphasis is put on their meal replacement products than their weight loss supplement.


Lean Source offers a variety of natural, non-stimulant products for dieters who want to supplement their healthy lifestyle, and may not be an appropriate source for those who want a reliable weight loss supplement. Several key ingredients may promote thermogenesis, however.

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