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Hungry Girl Review

What You Should Know

Hungry Girl is a website that focuses on daily diet and weight loss tips/tricks. It is run by a woman named Lisa, whom has no professional experience regarding nutrition, dieting, or fitness regimens for shedding excess body weight. She basically states that she has a great passion for food and really enjoys eating. However, this is what caused her to become overweight in the first place. Currently she posts new tips and tricks on her website daily to assist others with weight reduction. All of the information provided is free of charge, and can be viewed with ease.

Apparently Lisa, the woman who began the Hungry Girl website is currently using the Weight Watchers method of counting points. Each item of food she eats daily is tracked. This way she can better understand how many calories she is consuming regularly. Although she does state that she has tried many other fad diets to potentially shed excess body fat, she does not claim to utilize them personally. There are some Hungry Girl products sold via the website, such as a HG (Hungry Girl) Recipe Book, a T-shirt, hat, bags, and a sweatshirt with the logo. You can also find a suggestion contact form presented on the website, which allows you to send in suggestions for the site.


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On the official Hungry Girl website, you will find five major categories, which consist of News, Girls Bite Out, Chew the Right Thing, Weekly Weigh-In, and Ask Hungry Girl. Anyone can access these links and attain a number of tips regarding weight loss and dieting. For example, under the Chew the Right Thing category, you will find dishes and recipes that are supposed to be both tasty and healthy. However, there are also a number of items posted that should be avoided if possible, since they can clearly lead to real weight gain. Overall you simply take what you need from the Hungry Girl website to assist you with dropping unwanted weight and maintaining the size you prefer. Naturally this website is primarily geared toward women.


  • All of the data provided on the official Hungry Girl website is free.
  • There are some healthy recipes offered on this website to assist you with cooking.
  • No potentially harmful diet pills are marketed through this website.


  • The woman that started Hungry Girl is not a dietician or licensed nutritionist, which means that she cannot give any professional weight loss advice.
  • There are no convenient supplement formulas involved with this website.
  • In regards to daily fitness, exercise is not really discussed on the website.


In the end, the official Hungry Girl website is really just more of a tips and advice site than anything. While it is nice to see some healthy recipes posted on the website for free and convenient viewing, there is no professional advice offered through Hungry Girl. If you are searching for more of a solid weight loss plan or convenient diet pill, then you will need to look elsewhere.

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