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HMR Diet Review

What You Should Know

The HMR Diet is named for the company that created it, Health Management Resources. The company was founded in 1983 by Dr. Lawrence Stiller, a behavioral psychologist whose vast experience is in exploring and building programs for weight management. Initially HMR Diets were medically supervised programs for obese individuals and were available only in hospitals, clinics and medical centers. Recently the company presented new variations including the HMR at home program which allows individuals to participate in a do-it-yourself version of the program. The HMR Diet programs have a 25 year record of success and are highly respected within the medical weight loss community.

List of Ingredients

There are numerous products in the HMR meal replacement programs, consumers may visit the official website for more detailed information.

Product Features

Health Management Resources have four basic programs. The original is the Very Low Calorie Diet supervised by medical personal. This includes an extended stay at a treatment facility, physical examinations, weekly health checks and group counseling. There is a second plan for more moderate weight loss, the Healthy Solutions Plan. It is for those wishing to lose less than 40 pounds; the client is not supervised and is allowed to make individual choices from the line of HMR Shakes and EntrÈes. The third program is the new HMR at Home plan. In this version, professional support is provided by trained medical personal over the phone. The fourth variation of the HMR Diet is a line of individual use materials and meal replacement products which can be purchased from the company. Prices vary greatly depending on which program the consumer chooses to participate in.


  • The HMR Diet programs are used by hospitals, clinics and medical centers.
  • There are a number of program options from which to choose with HMR.
  • Professional staff and personal support are available with the HMR Diets.


  • The supervised HMR Diet can be very expensive.
  • There are no money back guarantees offered with any of the various HMR Diets.


The HMR Diet programs are versatile, reputable and successful. There is a program suitable for everyone from the severely obese to those wanting to lose less than 40 pounds. All four of the programs require lifestyle changes, clients will most likely be asked to change both their eating and exercise habits. Depending on which version of the HMR Diet a consumer wishes to follow the program can be expensive. If a client is severely obese insurance may cover the costs of a supervised program in a medical center, otherwise insurance rarely covers these types of plans. Ultimately the consumer has to decide if the cost of the program and the lifestyle changes that go along with it are a fit for their goals and temperament. There are plenty of equally reputable alternatives to weight loss in the form of supplements and other diet aids.

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