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Herbalife Review

What You Should Know

Herbalife was created in the early 1980’s by Mark Hughes at the young age of twenty-four. Herbalife is a very large-scale weight loss and nutritional supplement company which currently have presence in close to sixty countries grossing up to two billion dollars in sales annually.

In the company’s beginning, the FDA legally accused Herbalife of falsely advertising its products. Herbalife advertised that its products could actually remove or cure tumors, improve circulation and effectively treat a plethora of diseases. The FDA later found that certain Herbalife products produced adverse side effects. The FDA accused Herbalife of producing literature pointing out that any negative effects may only occur in approximately 25% of users and that this was a natural method of the body to denote improvements were occurring and impurities were being released. Many lawsuits from product users began to arise after that. In 2000, Mark Hughes died of a prescription drug overdose at the age of 44.

List of Ingredients

DL-phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Citrus aurantium, Coleus, Green tea, Catechins, Yerba mate and Damiana.

Product Features

The older version of Herbalife contained Ma Huang which contains ephedrine. Several states have now banned or restricted products which contain ephedrine. The FDA became concerned when products containing ephedrine produced adverse side effects such as increased heart rate and blood pressure as well as being linked to dozens of deaths as a result from its use.

The Herbalife Total Control formula has been revamped and is said to no longer contain ephedrine. Herbalife claims that this new non-ephedra herbal formula works at the cellular level which they claim burns fat, blocks food cravings and boosts energy levels.


  • Herbalife contains green tea which may produce health benefits.
  • No longer contains Ephedrine.


  • Herbalife has been linked with dozens of deaths.
  • Herbalife does not promote a life long healthy eating approach.
  • Herbalife does not promote daily exercise to keep unwanted pounds at bay.


Just about any diet plan will work for weight loss. You can go to any bookstore and buy any diet book. There you will find many tips on how to eat less lose weight. However, the problem is that just about none of them work for long term weight loss maintenance. To keep the weight off, dieters will likely have to use different strategies since individuals and lifestyles vary. One diet or exercise plan will not work for everyone.

The FDA will continue to monitor diet products which are linked with adverse side effects such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. In susceptible individuals, diet supplements may be a potential health risk factor especially in combination with herbal supplements. Studies show that there is a great need for caution in the long-term use of any diet supplement.

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