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Guggulsterones Review

What You Should Know

Guggulsterones are derived from the sap of the Guggul tree. This sap, also referred to as Commiphora mukul, is thought to affect the thyroid gland in humans and thus evoke fat loss. The theory behind using Guggulsterones in fat loss rests on a thyroid problem in people who have trouble losing weight. Without a thyroid problem, the Guggul should have no effect on weight loss at all.

There are no official websites for Guggulsterones, but information on the Internet is abundant. The Guggul sap is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine which is a form of alternative therapy.

List of Ingredients

Sap from the Guggul tree.

Product Features

The Guggulesterones pulled from the sap of the Guggul tree offer health benefits beyond those related to weight loss. Among these benefits include a reduction in overall body cholesterol, an anti0infalmmatory effect, acne treatment and a reduction in lipid peroxides.

In regards to weight loss, the thyroid gland plays an active part in fat metabolizing. If the thyroid gland is underperforming, the body will store more fat. With the use of the Guggulsterones, the thyroid gland is kicked into overtime and thus increased fat loss is thought to occur. There have been a few scientific studies on both animals and humans associated with the use of Guggulsterones for weight loss and fat loss, but none of these studies have been conclusive. The controls in the clinical trials have been less than perfect and the consumer should take this into consideration when researching the effect of Guggulsterones on the body.

The side effects associated with using Guggulsterones are mild but worth noting. The effect on the thyroid gland may procure weight loss, but some of this loss may be from loss of muscle as opposed to fat. Cholesterol medications are also not to be taken with Guggulsterones as these may be affected and not work properly.


  • There is information on Guggulsterones found online.
  • Some scientific studies have noted increased fat or weight loss while taking Guggulsterones.


  • Not every person trying to lose weight has an underactive thyroid.
  • The clinical trials associated with Guggulsterones have lax controls.
  • No testimonials could be found linking the use of Guggulsterones to weight loss.


Guggulsterones could be a great choice for people trying to lose weight with an underactive thyroid. However, most of these people will need medical testing in order to diagnose this problem which can then be treated with medication. Taking Guggulsterones is contraindicated in patients who are taking cholesterol medications. We do not support the use of Guggulsterones in weight loss because there is no clinical evidence that the sap fro the Guggul tree increases the amount of weight lost.

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