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Fucoslim Review

What You Should Know

Fucoslim is a Japanese weight loss product. There is an official website online available for consumers with customer service information and complete ingredient listings of the ingredients found in Fucoslim. There is an available free trial for Fucoslim but the price of the weight loss supplement is not listed on the official website. The free trial requires the customer to pay shipping and handling. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee with any order of Fucoslim as long as the customer calls for a return authorization number.

List of Ingredients

Fucoxanthin, Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract and Pomegranate.

Product Features

The official website not only lists the ingredients in Fucoslim but also in depth information and scientific studies for each of the ingredients. Fucoxanthin, the main ingredient, is found in brown algae. According to the information on the website, this ingredient helps to break down the fat in the white fat tissue of the body. There is a scientific study from 2006 listed that claims lab rats were able to burn more fat when consuming Focuxanthin than those rats who did not consume the algae.

The other listed ingredients are very common in weight loss supplements. Hoodia Gordonii is a standard appetite suppressant, but the clinical trials on this ingredient are far less promising. Hoodia may help to decrease hunger, but it is not the strongest appetite suppressant available on the market today.

Green tea extract is a very promising ingredient. Unfortunately, the consumer does not know how much green tea extract is included in the Fucoslim. The trouble with listing green tea as an ingredient without listing how much is included is the fact that green tea needs to be taken in certain amounts in order for the ingredient to help burn fat. If there is not enough green tea, the product will simply be listing the ingredient for nameís sake.

The website offering information on Fucoslim does not list how much the supplement costs after the free trial has expired. In the title of the page there is $139.00 price. If that is the price of the supplement, this is one of the most expensive products on the market.


  • The official Fucoslim website offers ingredient information.
  • A free trial of the weight loss supplement is available.


  • Focuxanthin is rather unknown in the weight loss world.
  • There are no testimonials of people who have lost weight on the product.
  • The consumer must obtain a return authorization number before returning the product for a refund.
  • Hoodia Gordonii is not an effective appetite suppressant.


Fucoslim offers a unique ingredient but there is little information on the effectiveness of this ingredient. The Green tea extract is a strong ingredient, but the consumer is left wondering how much is in the product. There is also the questionable price tag for the supplement. At this time we cannot support the use of Fucoslim because there is not enough information or testimonials to back using the product in a weight loss world where clinical studies are available for ingredients proven to work.

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