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Flex Tricep Arms Review

What You Should Know

The Flex Tricep Arms are wearable devices that use electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, to tone the triceps, which are the muscles on the back of the upper arm. It sends electrical signals through the skin via attached electrodes, and these signals cause muscle fibers to contract. With continuous use, the muscle fibers adapt and grow larger. EMS is used primarily therapeutically, as rehabilitation and retraining for muscles of patients whose musculatures have atrophied due to long periods of illness.

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Product Features

One pair sells for USD 200, and comes with a power supply that works with other products in the Flex line. The primary target audience of Flex Tricep Arms is women who wish to achieve more toned arms. It uses electrical signals sent through electrical gel pads stuck onto the skin of the arm to get muscles to contract, mimicking voluntary muscle signals from the brain. With repeated contractions, muscle fibers become thicker and stronger, producing more toned, more powerful muscles.

Most devices that work using electrical muscle stimulation are not certified by the FDA. The Flex Tricep Arms were the first to be certified as such, and are classified as Class II medical devices. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so the user can take the time to decide whether it really is working for them. The website provides some statistics on user ratings, with majority returning positive feedback.


  • Uses EMS, a proven medical technology.
  • User reviews are generally positive.


  • Passive toning does not promote long-term weight management thinking.
  • It works on the arms only.
  • Other parts of the body will look disproportionate without exercise.
  • Calorie consumption is minimal.
  • You wonít lose fat with this.
  • It is not certified by FDA.


Electrical muscle stimulation is traditionally used as in therapies for those who have lost muscle strength due to accidents or some other illness. Though this is the most common use, some athletes are also said to include EMS in their daily routines. The efficacy of non-medical EMS products has always been questionable, and a significantly large portion of the population does not believe commercial EMS products are effective.

As such, Flex Tricep Arms enters the arena beleaguered and more than a little looked down upon. Still, it has proven effective enough to receive FDA approval to be sold as a commercial product. Statistical overviews of user reviews show that most users are satisfied or feel that it has had some effect. The problem lies in that this is intended to increase muscle mass of the arms gradually, and does not help trim fat away. This wonít help you if your goal is weight loss, and some people are wary of anything that transmits electricity through the skin.

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