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EveryDay Detox Review

What You Should Know

One major aspect of staying healthy in this day and age concerns internal cleansing. Men and women are constantly encouraged by advertisements to flush out their digestive system regularly. This in turn is supposed to promote regularity, internal balance, weight loss, disease prevention, energy levels, and overall health. One product that is claimed to assist with detoxifying the body is EveryDay Detox. This is a tea formula that can be acquired via websites like tealand.com for $5 (16 bags). It is manufactured by the company Traditional Medicinals. This tea product is kosher certified and fine for both women and men to consume.

First and foremost, this tea product is claimed to promote healthy liver functioning. Furthermore, EveryDay Detox may aid with the digestion of fats and the manufacturing of bile in the liver. According to the website, this product is based on traditional Chinese medicine. By consuming this tea regularly, the user should ideally experience enhanced kidney and liver functioning. Since both organs aid with detoxifying the body, this tea helps with internal maintenance, which leads to a cleaner digestive tract. Overall, impurities and potentially harmful toxins are extracted from the internal organs to boost vitality.


1,125 mg Gynostemma herb, Organic ginger rhizome [JP], Organic licorice root† [PhEur], Organic kukicha twig, Organic black pepper fruit† [PPRC], Schisandra fruit, dry aqueous extract (10:1) 225 mg, Lycium fruit dry aqueous extract (12:1) 75 mg, and Schisandra fruit [PPRC] 75 mg.

Product Features

EveryDay Detox is an internal cleansing aid that comes in tea bag form. This tea contains major ingredients for internal cleansing such as Gynostemma Herb, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Black Pepper Fruit, Organic Ginger Rhizome, and Organic Kukicha Twig. Essentially this tea product aims to flush out the userís kidneys and liver, which may aid with overall health and energy levels. Unfortunately women who are pregnant or nursing a child cannot take EveryDay Detox, nor can individuals with blood disorders or gallstones. According to the website, this tea product is not intended to assist with fat reduction or weight loss.


  • This tea product can be acquired through several online sites with ease.
  • All of the ingredients for EveryDay Detox are listed out for review.
  • This product may assist with cleansing the liver and kidneys.


  • There are no testimonials presented for this product.
  • Individuals with blood disorders or gallstones cannot take EveryDay Detox.
  • There is no clinical data provided to support the claimed effectiveness of this tea.
  • Women who are nursing or pregnant cannot consume this tea, due to possible complications.


There are quite a few different tea products out there these days to encourage detoxifying the body. As far as EveryDay Detox tea goes, it is nice to see that all of the ingredients are listed out for consumer review, and the product itself is kosher, which some people will appreciate. On the other hand, you should realize that this product is not linked to weight reduction or calorie burning. Therefore if you are striving to shed unwanted body fat, this is likely not a good choice for you.

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