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Dr. Mercola’­s Total Health Program is designed as a comprehensive approach to overall well being. By following this plan, which focuses on healthy eating, natural disease prevention, and better lifestyle habits the user is promised increased energy, longer life, and a leaner more fit body. Dr. Mercola, the author of several additional lifestyle books, is a natural health practitioner and the founder of the Optimal Wellness Center. Because he advocates removing all grain products, a staple of many food pyramids, from the diet and because he shuns many modern medical techniques as big business and profit driven not health related, he is seen as a controversial figure by many in the mainstream of medicine.

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Dr. Mercola’­s Total Health Program is a two part system laid out in a 272 page book. The main focus of the program is on developing the tools to pursue a healthy wholesome lifestyle, with an emphasis on natural processes and alternative medical methods. Part one of the book is a dietary program that discusses foods healthy food as well as suggesting foods to avoid altogether. Dr. Mercola believes that all grain products and items containing sugar should be removed from the diet. The first part of the plan also aids the reader in determining metabolic body type and the foods that work best within each body type, overcoming emotional eating to maintain a balanced calorie count, and factoring in habits such as exercise, water consumption, and optimal sleep levels. Part two of the program includes over 150 recipes for nourishing meals. The book can be purchased online at Dr. Mercola’­s official website or at such online retailers as Amazon.com.


  • Dr. Mercola’­s Total Health Program is a comprehensive plan involving both diet and exercise.
  • The plan gives suggestions for positive lifestyle habits, physical activity, and promoting mental health.


  • Dr. Mercola’­s Total Health Program calls for the removal of all grain and sugar from the diet, a step that might not sit well with all readers.
  • The plan is more of an overall lifestyle change than a specific weight loss program.
  • Because of his controversial stand on modern medicine, some members of the health and nutrition field question Dr. Mercola’­s recommendations.


Dr. Mercola is a controversial figure, with supporters praising his natural health approach and detractors denouncing him as dangerous and off the wall. Because he is opposed to many modern medical practices some doctors have suggested that he may end up doing more harm then good with his advice. His Total Health Program does contain some radical suggestions, such as tossing out whole food goods and all sugar products; however, it also includes practical advice on consuming wholesome organic proteins, fruits, and vegetables. The reader is free to pick and choose which advise to follow based on their own needs and preferences, but they should approach this program as more of a lifestyle change then a short term way to take off excess pounds.

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