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Dr. Bernstein Diet Review

What You Should Know

Dr. Bernstein Diet is a diet that aims to reduce calories to obtain weight loss. The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a form of a Very Low Calorie Diet also known as VLCD. Dr. Bernstein does not necessary consider his diet a VLCD. Very Low Calorie diets are considered controversial because of the fast weight loss. Dr. Bernstein’s diet has average weight loss of 16 to 20 pounds per month. The official website is rather informative, but does not include any of the specific diet details. This is a diet plan that is only supposed to be followed under a doctor’s supervision. There can be health risks associated with this type of diet and there fore can be dangerous if not monitored correctly. There has been at least one death associated with the Dr. Bernstein diet.


This is a Low Calorie Diet, which requires the use of vitamins and minerals. The Dr. Bernstein Diet requires a vitamin B shot once a week.

Product Features

The Dr. Bernstein diet is not readily available for the majority of dieters. The clinics are only located throughout Canada and in Florida and Virginia in the United States. The costs associated with the Dr. Bernstein diet are also extremely expensive and not generally covered under insurance plans. The initial consultation cost $235 and each additional office visit cost on average $100. The patients are required to have three office visits per week. This plan can run patients up to $1000 per month. It is also a very time consuming plan as it requires so many office visits.

The Dr. Bernstein diet requires the patient to consume less than 1000 calories per day and to supplement with vitamins and minerals. B vitamin injections are required weekly on the Dr. Bernstein Diet. Dr. Bernstein claims that the B vitamin injections increase the body’­s ability to burn fat although there is not any scientific evidence to support this claim. The Dr. Bernstein diet is basically a starvation diet and can have serious side effects associated with it, including gallstone attacks.


  • The Dr. Bernstein Diet can produce fast weight loss results.
  • There is a dedicated website for the Dr. Bernstein Diet.


  • The Dr. Bernstein Diet is similar to VLCD plans and can have serious side effects, including death.
  • The Dr. Bernstein Diet is extremely expensive.
  • The Dr. Bernstein Diet is only available to those who live near on of the Dr. Bernstein clinics.
  • The Dr. Bernstein Diet does not include any proven appetite suppressants or fat burners.


While the Dr. Bernstein Diet can produce a very fast weight loss, it does not mention whether this is a sustainable weight loss. Typically when someone quickly losses weight, they also quickly regain that weight once the program has ended. This diet plan is not readily available to the majority of dieters and should only be attempted under close medical observation.

Consumers looking to lose weight should consider health risks associated with a VLCD diet. It maybe more beneficial for the consumer to lose the weight more slowing and be able to maintain that weight loss rather than a quick weight loss that will only come back.

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