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DMAE Review

What You Should Know

DMAE is an abbreviation for Dimethylethanolamine. DMAE is an ingredient that has begun to show up in weight loss supplements. It is commonly used in other industries including beauty products and other pharmaceutical products. In large quantities it is used to treat water as well. DMAE is a form of choline which is taken by itself as a weight loss product. The chemical makeup is slightly different, but it is thought the DMAE can be converted to choline and even passes the blood brain barrier faster than choline. DMAE is used commonly as a memory booster supplement. There is new research being done to see if DMAE would be effective for the treatment of ADHD. It is already being used in weight loss products and beauty products.


DMAE is dimethylethanolamine. It is also known as N,N-dimethyl-2-aminoethanol, beta-dimethylaminoethyl alcohol, beta-hydroxyethyldimethylamine and Deanol. These names may appear on products, but are the same as DMAE.

Product Features

DMAE is not a proven weight loss supplement, although it is used in many weight loss products. DMAE is said to be able to improve memory, energy levels and improve mood. DMAE does not have a lot of research published on its effects on the human body or what it can or cannot do for humans. There is currently no research supporting it as a weight loss supplement or for being able to reverse the signs of aging. DMAE is thought to boost memory and increase alertness. It has been studied a little bit for this purpose. Other studies show that DMAE may be able to extend one’­s life span, while other studies have proven the opposite effect may occur. The dosage of DMAE may very well play a role in the outcome of these studies.

DMAE does have some side effects mentioned in research studies when take alone as a supplement. It is thought that DMAE does not have any interactions along with other medications as long as it is taken within the normal doses. Side effects which are possible when taking DMAE include gastrointestinal disturbances, body odor, drowsiness, confusion, increased blood pressure, moderate depression, and persistent irritability. It is also not suggested to be taken by pregnant or nursing women or those with bipolar disorder or epilepsy.


  • DMAE may be able to increase alertness and energy.


  • DMAE has not been thoroughly studied.
  • DMAE does not appear to have an effect on weight loss.
  • DMAE does not promote fat burn or suppress the appetite.


DMAE may be a great supplement to take to increase memory or alertness, but there has not been any research to show that it is effective at promoting weight loss. Those looking for an effective weight loss supplement should look for one that has a proven appetite suppressant and fat burner. A trusted weight loss supplement will have a dedicated website from which the product can be ordered. It will also have a money back guarantee or free trial offer also available on the official website.

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