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Dherbs 10 Day Cleanse Formula Review

What You Should Know

DHerbs 10 Day Cleanse Formula is a detoxification program that removes toxins from the colon and digestive track. This program is all natural and is built around smoothie-mix, herbs, Bentonite Clay, and diet suggestions. This program also claims to heal and prevent problems with the colon and digestive system and keep your intestinal tract healthy.

List of Ingredients

Ingredient information is available at dherbs.com about each of their 7 formulas as well as their special herbal tea.

Product Features

DHerbs 10 Day Cleanse Formula includes 7 formulas to cleanse the body in stages. Bentonite clay, formula one, kills parasites in the digestive system. Formulas 2-6 are various bowel stimulants: high fiber smoothie-mix, intestinal fiber, peristalsis booster, intestinal conditioner, and intestinal cathartic. Formula seven is activated charcoal which helps eliminate any remaining toxins. This program also recommends that a cup of their special Supreme Colon Cleanse tea be consumed every day.

This program is available for $99.


  • DHerbs 10 Day Cleanse Formula promotes the cleansing of the digestive system which is important for proper digestion of nutrition.
  • This program also encourages healthy eating.
  • DHerbs is committed to helping people live clean and healthy lives. They offer a wide range of products that support a healthy and clean lifestyle.


  • DHerbs 10 Day Cleanse Formula is very expensive. Almost a hundred dollars for 10 days worth of pills and mixes is a lot of money and very few people will find that this product looks promising enough to pay that kind of money for it.
  • This program does not have any long-term advice after the initial 10 days of cleansing.
  • This program does not encourage a lifestyle change.
  • DHerbs does not offer a money back guarantee.
  • There are no testimonials available.
  • Although this product claims that you can lose weight from your stomach, this product will not help with weight loss. Detoxification systems may flush away a few pounds as they clean out the body, but this weight will likely return as soon as the program is finished. Therefore, detoxification programs are not recommended for dieters.
  • This program is too complicated. Most detoxification programs insist on a regular schedule of pills and/or formulas, but this program is excessive. Seven formulas is too many and the high number of bowel stimulants seems unnecessary.
  • This product has received mixed reviews online.


DHerbs 10 Day Cleanse Formula offers very little that tempts the buyer. We recommend that dieters look elsewhere for weight loss products and that those looking for a detox system find one that is less expensive, has testimonials and reviews, and has a less complicated program with fewer steps to follow.

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