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Detox Patch-4000 Review

What You Should Know

Detox Patch-4000 is a sticking-plaster type of health product that claims to detoxify the body based on principles in Chinese reflexology. It claims to eliminate toxins as the user sleeps, by draining them out through the feet. Chinese reflexology does believe that the feet are connected to many organs, and are thus a good point for treatments. It does not have any overt associations with toxin remove through absorption into a material stuck to the feet though. The supposed makers of this product, Maritz Mayer Laboratories, do not even have this product or anything of the type on their website. This certainly is cause for a pause for thought.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients and corresponding amounts of which for Detox Patch-4000 are Vegetable Fiber 1400mg, Chitson 80mg, Dextrini 800mg, Wood Vinegar 1400mg, Tourmalin 200mg, and Vitamin C 60mg.

Product Features

Detox Patch-4000 is available online for anywhere between USD 20 to USD 40 for a box of 10. Since they are meant to be used two at a time, one on each foot, daily, you might go through a fair bit of money rather quickly on this product. Vinegar of some sort is used in this, so expect a sour smell.

This is not a simple peel-and-stick patch. It requires a few steps involving separate packets before you can stick them on your soles. They are meant to be left on overnight and the results should be evident in the following morning.

“Dextrini” appears to be a corruption of “dextrine” or “dextrin”, a substance used in water-soluble glues, as thickeners in processed foods, and as binding agents in medicines. Tourmalin also appears to be a misspelling of tourmaline, which is a silicate crystal material with a wide range of colors. A quick online search for “chitson” does not turn up anything useful in this context. The only unambiguous ingredient here is Vitamin C.


  • Passive cleansing, with not much effort in set-up — if it actually works.


  • Sour smell.
  • Manufacturer cannot be verified.
  • Ingredients are misspelled.
  • Some ingredients are vague or even unidentifiable.
  • No recommended length of use — are you expected to use this for as long as you want to?


This is one shady product. Very few details can be found about Detox Patch-4000 on the Internet, and those that were scraped up were misshapen and vague. No user reviews to speak of, so this product is not supported by user testimony. At the very least, this product seems like a pseudo-Asian knock-off of some better product. Chinese reflexology is mostly about pressure points and pinpoint massages, so who’s to say this product is actually based on it? Worse, its origins are cloudy, and the manufacturer as printed on the label does not even seem to acknowledge it as one of their products. It is very strange, and more than a little risky. Detox Patch-4000 is probably a waste of time and money, so the best course of action is to avoid it. If you want to detox, you’¬≠re better off with so many other proven methods.

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