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Demograss Review

What You Should Know

Demograss is marketed as a Fat demolisher. It is considered a weight loss supplement. The official website is in Spanish only and this product is sold through agents or individual distributors, all of whom seem to be located in Central America. There is no information on this product available in English making it difficult for consumers to properly compare it to other fat fighting weight loss supplements. According to the information found on Demograss it appears to be an all natural weight loss supplement manufactured in Mexico by Laboratorio PRONASUR. The official website does not disclose any of the ingredients contained in Demograss.


Ingredients are not listed on the official Demograss website.

Product Features

Demograss is marketed in Central America as a powerful weight loss supplement. It is called a fat demolisher. There is not an English version of the official website. It also appears that Demograss is not available in the United States. You can not purchase Demograss online, but through a distributor. Demograss is designed to break down and carry the fat out of the urinary track. With this information we can only assume that Demograss probably contains a diuretic in the formula. Since there is very limited information on this product and the fact that it manufactured and sold exclusively in Central America, it is advisable to not try this product. Manufacturing standards are less strict in Mexico than they are in the United State s and other countries. If this product is not available for sell in the United States it maybe due to poor quality standards.

Due to lack of information on this product at the time of this review it is impossible to inform consumers on the ingredients included in Demograss or the pricing of this product. There does not appear to be any clinical information proving the effectiveness of this product on their Spanish dedicated Website. We can tell you that the manufacturer is located in Veracruz, Mexico. It is also important to mention that ingredients that are available and legal in Mexico may not be legal in the United States.


  • Demograss does have an official website in Spanish.


  • Demograss does not appear to have listed any ingredients on their dedicated Spanish website.
  • There is not an English version of the official Demograss website.
  • It is not clear if Demograss has an effective appetite suppressant or fat burner included in its formula.


It is nearly impossible to compare Demograss to other weight loss supplements with the information that is available online. There does not appear to be an ingredients list and the language barrier does pose a problem. If you choose to translate the information provided in Spanish the translation in English can have a very different meaning. This can be potentially dangerous for consumers. There are a number of high quality weight loss supplements available in the United State that Demograss should just be avoided at all cost. Consumers should look for a weight loss supplement which has a dedicated website in a language they can understand. It should contain a full list of ingredients as well as clinical trials or other evidence proving the effectiveness of the product. A high quality weight loss supplement will have a money back guarantee or free trial offer and al contain an appetite suppressant and fat burner.

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  1. sandy says:

    I have been using dermograss for 5 months and im happy I lost so far 20 lbs, and every person who saw me before, noticed dramatically, I m happy, I changed my eating habits, im drinking a lot of water, I cut the bread, corn, sweet juices, I cant stop drinking coffee, I do walk alot

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