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Cenegenics Review

What You Should Know

Cengenics is one of the most shocking weight loss supplements on the market. From the front page of the official website, the consumer is given photo persuasion to try this product. The before photo is of a 57 year old man who is out of shape. The after photo is the same man at the age of 69 with the muscles and build of a 20 something bodybuilder.

Cengenics claims to give the ability to control the aging process back to the person with a scientific approach to body muscle control.

List of Ingredients

None listed on the website.

Product Features

The Cenegenics program is physician based. This means the user will need to contact a physician trained in the Cenegenics program in order to take part in the process. The official website offers a very alluring front page, but from there the information goes downhill. The entire website is nothing more than a front page and one contact us page. Every link on the website leads to a page where the consumer can request a Guest Pass to the interior pages of the website or call a physician about the program.

There are Cenegenics locations available in Las Vegas NV, Charleston SC, Boca Raton FL, Dallas TX, Fort Worth TX and Burlington IN. There are also various physicians throughout the United States. These other physicians are not listed, so the consumer may have a difficult time finding a physician to support the Cenegenics weight loss / muscle building program.

The only information listed about the Cenegenics program is the fact that there is a physician, nutritionist and exercise physiologist on the “team” that will be helping the dieter reach their goals. Each program is created for one individual.


  • The website offers contact information for Cenegenics providers.
  • Each program is tailored to one individual.


  • There is little information on how the Cenegenics program works.
  • With no pricing information, the Cenegenics weight loss program could be very expensive.
  • The program consists of exercise and nutritional focus, no different from other programs.


The Cenegenics weight loss program claims to offer astronomical results. Essentially, the creators believe this program gives the control of aging back to the consumer. With such a huge claim, there should be more information provided on the website. There is also the problem of location. If the consumer does not live in a location where a Cenegenics physician practices, they cannot take part in the program. We do not support the Cenegenics program because there is not enough information, no pricing and no mention of fat burners or appetite suppression. This program looks like just another physician based weight loss plan with a lot of push.

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  1. Joe says:

    The founder of Cenegenics, Jeffry Life, M.D. is featured in Bill Phillips book, “Body for Life. He is one of the before and afters. He was age 60. In the book he is quoted as saying “My life has changed as a result of this program”. This is in reference to the Body for Life program. In the cenegenics commercials, one is lead to believe that the cenegenics program led to his body changing results. That appears to be dishonest. It would be cheaper to buy the Body for Life book and use the program that changed Dr. Life’s body. imho.