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Celsius Review

What You Should Know

Celsius is a weight loss drink that claims to burn more than 100 calories with every drink. There are television commercials, radio ad spots and events that boost the reputation of this weight loss drink. The product weighs heavily on the use of caffeine to increase calorie burn which can be good for some people but not everyone.

The Celsius website is professional and easy to navigate. The product line is explained in detail and the consumer is given every piece of information they need to make an informed decision about the Celsius weight loss drink. The products can be purchased directly from the official website, but also from certain retail stores.

List of Ingredients

Biotin, Vitamin C, Calcium, Chromium, Green Tea, Guarana Seed and Ginger Root Extract.

Product Features

Celsius is more than a calorie burning drink. This product is a walking sign for publicity. The creators of the Celsius drink offer many reasons to support the product with this publicity but the ingredient list just does not back up the claims if you are looking to lose weight with the product. According to the Celsius website, they are not aiming to provide a product that helps people to lose weight, they are aiming to offer a healthier energy drink for people who do not like the crash associated with many other energy drinks. This drink is also carbohydrate free so there are no sugars to worry about when drinking Celsius.

The website also does a great job of pushing the clinical trials Celsius has undergone. This fourth clinical trial involves adding Celsius to exercise for added benefit. This could be very useful for the body builder or regular exerciser who wants to boost their workout, but the lack of an appetite suppressant leaves the Celsius drink out of the loop for weight loss.

The double dose of caffeine via the Guarana Seed and the Green Tea is another reason not to support this product. Anyone who is even mildly sensitive to caffeine may find themselves feeling jittery and nauseous after consuming this product. The high levels of caffeine can also be dangerous for users who have heart problems.


  • The Celsius website is clean and professional.
  • There are clinical trials supporting the use of Celsius as an exercise boosting energy drink.


  • No money back guarantee could be found.
  • The Celsius drink is best consumed with exercise to lose weight.
  • There are no appetite suppressants in the Celsius drink.


This product feels more like something that could be pushed toward a body builder or athlete than a person trying to lose weight. The ingredients in Celsius contain a lot of caffeine which can cause the jitters and increased heart rate. While this may have a calorie burning benefit, that benefit is not supported with an appetite suppressant to keep hunger at bay. When the body burns more calories it tends to be more hungry and that could make the user eat more instead of less.

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