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Celluscience Review

What You Should Know

Celluscience is a weight loss supplement that promises to target the fat on the body and make it melt away. The official website for Celluscience offers information on the ingredients, contacts, guarantees, testimonials and return information. Despite this fantastic customer service, dieters seem to be set off by the Celluscience weight loss product itself.

Celluscience sells for $67.99 for a one month supply. The website ordering page lists a special rate for purchases of three bottles. The information states that the dieter will receive one free bottle when two are purchased, but the consumer still has to pay three payments of $67.99. That means there are no free bottles.

List of Ingredients

Fish Oil, Borage Oil (seed), Grape Seed extract, Ginkgo biloba extract (leaf), Gotu Kola extract (leaf), Yellow Sweetclover extract (flower), Butcherís Broom extract (rhizome), Olive extract (fruit), Bladderwrack extract (thallus), Vitamin E, Orange Essential oil (peel), Rosemary essential oil (leaf), Vitamin B6, Lipoic acid, Folic acid, KI (potassium iodide) and Selenium.

Product Features

It is easy to see where the cellulite goes when the ingredient list is available. The Celluscience product is full of natural laxatives and diuretics and zero fat burners. The sweetclover and Butcher’­s Broom are both diuretics which leech the water from the body. The Butcher’­s Broom has also been used, in the past, as a natural laxative. Neither laxatives or diuretics are going to help the dieter to burn real fat. They are, however, going to push out extra water which will appear on the scale to be weight loss.

Aside from these two negative ingredients, there is very little power in the ingredient list. The Gotu Kola and Gingko are both associated with mood and memory. There is little reason to add these to a weight loss product that claims to melt away the fat.

When researching this product, a testimonial website was found with reviews by previous Celluscience users. These users claim the product did nothing for the cellulite on the body with many people believing the product is a waste of money.


  • The official website is full of information on the product.


  • The product is expensive.
  • The free bottle offer if not really free.
  • The product does not include a fat burner or appetite suppressor.
  • Testimonials off the main website are not positive.


Celluscience is not a weight loss product that we can support at this time. There are many clinically proven fat burners that will not spot reduce fat, but will increase overall body fat. These ingredients are included in weight loss supplements with appetite suppressants to help the dieter lose actual body weight and not water weight.

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