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Advantra-Z Review

What You Should Know

Dieters have searched far and wide and have become weary and also broke from trying diet products that claim to be the “latest technology in weight loss”. Daunting though it may be, we still hold out the hope that there is a magic pill out there that will prove effective, and that we will not have to do any work at all to get the fit body that we all crave. Advantra Z is a patented ingredient that is currently enjoying a wave of popularity, and that has been included a an active ingredient in several popular weight loss aids.

List of Ingredients

Advantra Z is not for sale as an ingredient by itself. It is only sold as part of the formulas used to make many of the over the counter weight loss supplements currently flooding the market. Advantra Z contains Senephrine which is somewhat similar to Ephedrine, only without a history adverse side effects. Well-known products that contain Advantra Z are Ephedrine and Miracle Burn. Ephedra has been removed from shelves as a potentially dangerous ingredient and it is no longer lawful for manufacturers to include it in their formulas. Although products containing Advantra Z are still for sale, the original formulas have changed a bit.

Product Features

The main ingredient in Advantra Z is Senephrine, which is an extract derived from Citrus Aurantium otherwise known as Bitter Orange. Some of the studies conducted on Citrus Aurantium include its effects on metabolism, fat loss, retaining lean muscle mass, improving athletic performance and working as an appetite suppressant. Advantra Z has been shown to have some fat burning abilities. There are no websites dedicated to Advantra Z, however, there are many websites for diet supplements which contain the ingredient. Two very popular diet products, Nuphedrine and Slim 10 list Advantra Z as being part of their formulas. However, many dieticians have concerns about using Bitter Orange on their patients saying that the extract has been known to cause high blood pressure in some individuals.


  • Advantra Z is found in many weight loss supplements.
  • Has been shown to have some fat burning abilities.


  • There is no dedicated website for Advantra Z.
  • The original formulas which contained Advantra Z also contained Ephedrine.
  • Advantra Z is derived from Bitter Orange, which may cause high blood pressure in some individuals.


As each new year dawns, the market is flooded with weight loss gimmicks that promise quick and easy results. When a new product or ingredient makes its way onto the weight loss scene, dieters would be wise to wait a few years before deciding to try it, just to be on the safe side. In the case of Advantra-Z, it seems like it may be nearly as potentially harmful as the stimulant ephedra, which it was designed to replace. At the end of the day, losing weight still comes down to using common sense along with healthy eating and regular exercise. There are certainly some simple supplements that can make this process a little easier, but Advantra-Z still has too many question marks around it for our taste.

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