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24 Hour Diet Review

What You Should Know

The 24 Hour Diet is a book that was written by one Brian S. Peskin, who is a professor and noted as the most trusted expert on nutrition and health in the world. The text is supposed to be loaded with medical facts and science-based information that will change your life. Both US and International orders can be placed for this weight loss book. According to the cover, it will make you lean for your entire life by offering a strategy for consuming fabulous foods.

On the official website for the 24 Hour Diet, it is discussed how obesity is a major problem in the world at this point. Furthermore, it goes on to talk about how most advice regarding eating healthy and shedding excess body fat has little to do with real weight loss. The core purpose of this diet is to aid men and women with either dropping unwanted body weight or maintaining their current weight. Naturally no further weight should be gained at all. A five-step program is discussed in the book, and it does not incorporate typical practices like starving, counting calories and investing oodles of time in exercise regimens. There are some testimonials provided on the official website.


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Product Features

The 24 Hour Diet is a weight reduction plan that comes in book form ($39.95 plus $5.95 for shipping and handling), as well as a two-DVD set, which sells for $29.95. Some things you will learn with this diet plan are why exercise does not work, that obesity is not genetic, how some supposed healthy eating habits lead to obesity, how consuming the standard three meals per day can lead to obesity, why fiber does not assist with weight loss, and why low glycemic index foods do not lead to fat reduction. An actual satisfaction guarantee is not offered with the 24 Hour Diet book or CDs.


  • There are some testimonials presented on the official website.
  • This weight loss system does not involve any potentially harmful diet drugs.
  • The 24 Hour Diet text and CDs can be purchased with ease directly through the official website.


  • There is no kind of refund option or guarantee provided with the 24 Hour Diet book and CDs, which may deter some dieters.
  • Many of the claims regarding weight loss seem far-fetched on the website.
  • Although the website keeps reiterating that this book contains the real secret to weight reduction, it is not really revealed in any way on the site (not even a hint).
  • Some individuals may not care for the lifestyle change involved with the 24 Hour Diet.


In the end, the 24 Hour Diet book and CDs are unique in the sense that they apparently offer some type of new and effective approach to weight loss that does not involve all the routine eating and exercise practices. However, there are no convenient supplements involved with this weight reduction program, nor does there appear to be any fitness regimens. Overall, the plan itself sounds peculiar when pitched on the official website. Especially when eating healthier and exercising regularly are not encouraged.

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